Nov 9, 2013 Tournament

halloween racket







On Saturday, November 9, 2013, at  5:45pm, (play starts promptly at 6pm)  the MPTC will hold a three division Monkeyshine tennis tournament followed by a dinner salad with chicken strips and many other fixin’s all for only $18.00!  Soft drinks, beer, + a dessert will also be provided.  (BYOB if you like.)

We will again be using the evite system for signing up, which will be sent out via email to all registered members by tomorrow.  However, be aware that If you sign up, then need to drop out less than 48 hours prior to play, (and we don’t have a sub replacement for you),… you will still owe the club the $18!  A maximum of 36 members can play in the tournament.  If more than 36 members enter; then they will need to enter as a “Maybe / backup player” in evite. Please provide the $18 by cash or check when you arrive EARLY to play on Nov 9th.

After the tennis and banquet, the Annual Meeting will be held where members will be asked to volunteer to run Tournaments / Food for the next twelve months. Kindly volunteer to help the club run effectively. Later, fashionable shirt awards will be given to tournament winners dating back to last November.  Note that we will continue to list all Tournaments winners on our Schedule + Win List Page.

PS: Since the need for a Newsletter has been declining, now that we are posting all of the necessary information on this website… and conducting sign-ups via evite… we are currently suspending the publication of separate Newsletters at this time.


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5 Responses

  1. No luck with evite. Will check if membership paid. Please sign me up for tournament – $18 B-A player. Thanks

    Bob brzezinski 847-431-0316

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. What’s the charge if you do not wish to eat, just play?

    • As with our recent outdoor tournaments, we have just one price for this event. It’s $18. Realize that River Trail’s standard charge for 2hrs of doubles is $16, and that’s without adding in the additional guest fee of $7 if you aren’t an RT member.

  3. Would the Evite have a dinner only option?

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