The end of one season is the beginning of the next

2014 04 03 - Lion ParkRecently on March 8th we held our “Annual Year End Tournament and Election of Officers”.  Since no one stepped forward to challenge any of the officer positions, the current President, Secretary/Webmaster and Treasurer have all agreed to stay on…. Rick Liston, Ken Kuly and Vik Rocans.
This re-election was confirmed by a unanimous vote from all members present.

The Vice-President position that Adam Glickman held last year is  eliminated due to increased efficiencies using the e-vite system.  So instead of a VP, we will continue to ask members to help out during some events.  Please thank Adam for his help last year.

Your re-elected President then gave a State of the Club address reviewing the past year and what changes have occurred.  Notably, that we have increased the number of tournaments, lowered the cost of the indoor events, purchased a cooler + roasting oven to keep costs down, and successfully used the e-vite system to quickly get word out for events and to sign up.

Our 2014 outdoor season opener is again scheduled at Lions Park in Mt Prospect… on April 26th. The weather is a big factor, so stay tuned for updates being sent out. This will be a typical monkeyshine format with the divisional winners receiving a new can of balls. Play will begin at 10 am so it can be a little warmer at that time. You need to be a member to be e-vited and play, so please send your 2014 Season Applications in to Vik ASAP!!  An e-vite will be going out soon. The form can be found on our  MPTC Forms  Page.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Also remember that one of the best ways to communicate with other members about playing, etc is by utilizing our Club’s Facebook page at: MPTC Facebook.  Send us a Friend request to be a part, or just view the site for posted information.  Note that we also use Twitter on occasion  MPTC Twitter Feed  – like for Tournament reminders + weather updates.

Finally… we would also like to continue to increase our MPTC membership.  We note that there are often a number of groups that informally play in the area, including at Lions Park. We need to encourage good, fun players to join our group and play in the tournaments. The more the merrier!  News is that the NETS ARE UP AT LIONS. So come on out every Saturday + Sunday morning for drop in tennis, and eventually even Tues + Thurs early evenings will have people out there for additional play.

–Rick Liston, MPTC Prez

— Ken Kuly, Web/Sec

— ViK Rocans,  Treasurer


2 Responses

  1. Please give me a call to arrange a time and place. The next tournament I should have them as well. Rick Liston 847-840-9077

  2. I never received my tournament prizes from last season. How can I pick those up?

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